Dermawand’s Thermal Approach To Skincare May Not Be All It’s Claimed To Be

DermaWand Overview

DermaWand is a device that some believe can retain the appearance of youth by using a thermal technology to stimulate the surface of the skin. You may find it surprising what the device is claimed to improves puffy bags underneath the eyes, saggy skin, and the pitted appearance of enlarged pores all said to improve with the daily use of the DermaWand.

Method at a Glance

The wand-like device, no not the fairy godmother type, the plug it in and watch it glow kind is claimed to rejuvenate, oxygenate, and stimulate the skins surface during daily treatments.

Method in Focus

Preparation of the skins surface with a thorough cleansing and a layer of a special pre-face hydrating lotion is required before you begin the daily treatments. A DVD guides the consumer through the treatment options that all depend on the goals you have for your skins surface. Depending on how you pass the wand across the targeted surface, you may be able to instantly stimulate the skin into a more lifted, toned and tightened appearance. The thermal radiation of DermaWand is claimed to recharge your complexion, which may smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The consumer is cautioned that the results are temporary and daily treatment is necessary.


-The DermaWand may give the skin a healthy glow due to the thermal properties of the device.


-The product is not guaranteed

-The DermaWand only treats the surface of the skin

Final Thoughts

After you get over the fact that the Fountain of Youth doesn’t exist you may find the best source of youth is your mind and how you use it. A savvy consumer may recognize that the technology DermaWand uses simply targets the surface area of the skin, but for real replenishment and rejuvenation other choices must be made. Anti-aging formulas that penetrate the skin and deliver ingredients that can improve collagen and elasticity may go deeper and replenish longer because the cream can successfully soak through the surface to where the real challenges of aging are most prevalent. Often there are ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 used in formulas that not only replenish collagen but also stimulates the lower layers of the skin in regeneration. Hyaluronic acid is also used in anti-aging creams because of its properties that attract and maintain water within the microscopic space between the layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is also believed to assist in the transport of essential nutrients to the skin’s viable cells. Other than maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits, anti-aging formulas that replenish the skin are probably the most reliable choice you can make for sustaining your youthful appearance.