Stained Glass Floor Lamps Bring Colorful Light Into Your Home!

People have been incorporating stained glass into home dcor since the 11th century, when this colorful variation on the standard glass making procedure began to flourish as an art form. Glass was typically colored by adding metallic oxides to the glass while it was still in molten form. Copper oxides were added to produce green, cobalt for blue, and gold was added to produce red glass. This has continued into modern times, where stained glass is more prominent than ever, making its way into households in a multitude of accessories and furniture items. A popular example of stained glass home dcor is floor lamps.

Available in a wide assortment of brilliant colors and elegant styles, floor lamps bring a touch of class into any room of your home. With a different lamp possibility for nearly any decorating style or motif, its no wonder that floor lamps are a contemporary mainstay.

Floor lamps are also an easy way to add beauty and a welcoming light to tighter spaces in a room. Slim and sleek, a floor lamp can stylishly go where a table and table lamp might not have fit. Some of the most desirable floor lamps on the market currently come from the popular Style @ Home with Margie Collection.

This collection offers a wide array of lamps to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and spectrum of color. The Allistar Double Lit Stained Glass Floor Lamp is one of the most popular designs in the collection, standing 66 in height. Its available in either a lovely blue or amber color.

Made with 918 individual stained glass pieces, Salinas Floor Lamp is a beautiful rose-adorned lamp that transitions from a blue-black top into bright shades of light at the lamp shades bottom. The Lilydale Side-Arm Floor Lamp depicts an idyllic meadow and has an ornate scroll work side arm design.

Modern glass makers have discovered minerals that are less expensive than gold to create stunning red glass. In fact, they can produce many more shades of reds, blues, yellows and greens than ever before. The Rose Scalloped Stained Glass Floor Lamp has 452 individual stained glass pieces that come in a wide assortment of reds, pinks, and violets.

Or for those who are fonder of green, Olives Green Stained Glass Floor Lamp has an astounding 921 individual pieces and depicts white flowers and orange dragonflies across a brilliant green background. The Bermuda Floor Lamps colors are soft tones of blue and turquoise, carefully chosen for their color and texture. If a savvy shopper looks hard enough, they are bound to find a lamp with their perfect color scheme.

Another popular trend has been the advent of the matching floor lamp and table lamp. This offers the decorator the option of pairing the two lamps to complement each other in the same room, or splitting up the lamps to bring the same ambience to two different rooms. Margie Commerford has brought us an exquisite collection of lamps to choose from in her Style @ Home with Margie Collection. The Solera Torchiere & Table Lamp Set offers two elegant lamps that radiate a warm light through their tan, ivory and amber stained glass. A table and floor lamp set guaranteed to liven up any room, the Costanza Table Lamp & Torchiere Set is adorned with gorgeous pink floral arrangement. With a combined 987 individual pieces, this lamp set is an example of intricate craftsmanship.

Are you looking for a floor lamp, but want one with a style all its own? There are many stained glass floor lamp designs that can serve as stand-out pieces in any room. However, many of them tend to be shorter than standard floor lamps and torchieres. For example, at 45 inches tall, the Vineyard Escape Floor Lamp is smaller than most other floor lamps but offers rich and brilliant color from its almost vase-like design and beautiful depiction of a vineyard.

The Floral Window Floor Lamp looks more similar to the standard floor lamp design, but its shade offers six arched windows that shine with radiant color. At four feet in height, the Coliseum Vase Lamp is a decadently designed piece, complete with over 1,800 individual pieces of glass. Unique lamps like these are certain to make a visual statement in any room.

Once reserved for nobility and families of power, the beauty of stained glass is a luxury that everyone can afford in modern times. There are few better ways to display such beauty than with the aesthetic impact of a stained glass floor lamp. Available in a multitude of colors, shapes, designs and sizes, there is literally a lamp for every room, every season, and every mood.