The U.K. Center That Uses a New Approach to Help Heroin Addicts

Heroin has been called the most addictive substance in the world, and it is damaging the lives of many U.K. residents. The United Kingdom now includes hundreds of rehab programs designed to address the problem, but most have high failure rates. Once addicts are detoxed, they often return to the lifestyles that led to their problems. With that in mind, the ARC Center was started to offer heroin users a better option. Today hundreds of addicts and families of addicts scour the center’s website to get information about its program.

Clients Are Treated With Respect

The ARC program often succeeds when other options fail because clients are treated with dignity. Every staff member is a well-trained professional who has personal experience struggling with addiction. As a result, therapists and counselors offer a warm, friendly approach that makes recovering addicts secure enough to relax and share their feelings. The staff does not focus on fixing clients because they understand that recovering addicts are not broken. They are simply dealing with problems that are too big to conquer without expert guidance.

Detox Is the First Step

Every drug rehab program begins with detox, but even that is handled differently at ARC. Most facilities treat addicts with medications and see them as patients who need hospital care. ARC clients also get medications to control withdrawal symptoms but also stay busy with meetings and group activities. That makes the detox period seem to pass quickly. Busy clients are also less focused on their symptoms. If they begin to feel ill in any way, they can take a time out to rest.

Treatments Help Clients Change Their Lives

A successful rehab program treats detox as a beginning step that is followed by therapy. Treatments are based on an understanding of the way drugs affect the brain. Professionals use scientific principles to help recovering addicts rewire their brains with options like cognitive therapy. They also get healthy, which improves their outlooks. In addition, counselors help clients see themselves in new, meaningful lives that include financial stability and healthy relationships.

One U.K. drug rehab facility is using a unique model that helps heroin addicts reclaim their lives. Each client is treated with warmth and helped through the detox process. Patients also participate in therapies that teach them to rewire their thinking and create the lives they want.